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A Good Digital Payment Ecosystem: Characteristics and Recommendations

A decent advanced installment biological community is one that empowers monetary incorporation, an environment that enables all nationals to take an interest in the development and improvement direction of the economy.

Given that the matter of computerized exchanges is new and new, governments and controllers have a tendency to be mindful about permitting advancements that may upset monetary security of the economy. As has been underlined in the past segments of this paper, while on one hand money related incorporation is the expressed target of governments, and new innovation has been generally acknowledged as an apparatus for monetary consideration, administrative and supervisory concerns have repressed the advancement of computerized installments in numerous nations, including India.

Cashless Society, India . (i) maintaining financial stability, (ii) raising economic efficiency, (iii) increasing access to financial services, (iv) ensuring financial integrity, and (v) ensuring consumer protection

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Benefits of Cashless economy; Challenges in making India a cashless economy

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